Life Insurance

‚ÄčLiving, Loving & Legacy Planning

Disability Insurance is designed to help keep income flowing when an unforeseen illness or event hits you during your working years.
Let's evaluate what can be done in an affordable way to protect yourself and your future!

We help you to Identify what, IF ANY, insurance is appropriate for you by evaluating the following elements:

  1.  Helping you to understand what role the various types of insurance play in your financial plan.
  2. Determining how much insurance, if any, is right for you?
  3. Provide you a set of options that are well suited to meet your unique needs.
  4. Ensure beneficiary designations are set up right to prevent any issues in claims. 

Insurance FAQs coming soon.

We are the first to admit Long Term Care Insurance is NOT right for everyone! 

A person should consider long term care insurance NOT because they plan or intend to use it, but because the consequences of not having protection for one's loves ones are too severe to risk to not at least think about

At a minimum every person should take the time to establish a written plan detailing their desires to help their friends & families honor their wishes and alleviate the emotional strains that a long term care event triggers.

Long Term Care

Insurance FAQs

Today's options for life insurance have come a long way. Be sure to enlist the assistance of a seasoned agent focused on keeping abreast of new market trends and finding flexible products designed to help you cover goals both while you are alive and for passing wealth.

  • Family Planning/ Protection
  • Cash Value Accumulation/ Wealth Management
  •  Funding Buy-Sell Agreements
  •  Employee Retention Strategy
  •  Estate Planning
  •  Tax Management Strategies
  •  Multi-Faceted Policies
  •  Generation Skipping Wealth Transfer
  • Extended Care/ Critical Care Protection available with riders
  • Establish a Retirement Income Source

What would happen tomorrow if you were unable to go to work to earn a paycheck for your family whether at your current place of work or in another capacity?

Which funds would you tap into first to cover expenses? 

What future plans would you need to modify because of the change in current cash flow?


Does your brain hurt because you are struggling to navigate the seemingly endless list of options? 

Working with Valerio Financial Group may be just what the doctor ordered.  Valerio Financial Group's consultative approach helps to streamline the options that are suitable for your goals.

Our Approach