Decisions about Social Security are no longer as simple as they were back when your parents claimed their benefits. What is good for your neighbor, may not be advisable for you.   New societal norms and complicated Social Security planning strategies have made it important to take time to consider all your  options and get a customized plan.  

Have you gotten the answers to the following questions as they pertain to you? 

  • How is my Social Security Benefit calculated?  Is there anything I can do to improve my future benefit?
  • When is the best time to claim my personal benefit?
  • Am I eligible for Spousal Benefits or Divorce Benefits?
  • How does widowhood affect Social Security Benefits?
  • How does working impact my Social Security Income?
  • What's your plan for managing the taxation of your Social Security benefits?
  • Will my pension affect my benefits? 


Social Security

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